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1. & 2. november 2024​

Gösta Berlings SagaGösta Berlings Saga

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Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, almost exactly 20 years ago, Gösta Berlings Saga long have demonstrated a thirst for evolution and new sonic mutations. Emerging from the shadowy prog underground with early albums like Detta Har Hänt (2009), Glue Works (2011) and Sersophane (2016), these esoteric masters of manipulated sound and melody stood apart from the rest of the progressive pack, eschewing clichés and nostalgia in favour of a fervently forward-think ethos. Although undoubtedly influenced by the greats of prog, art rock, electronica and the avant-garde, Gösta Berlings Saga have remained thrillingly impervious to categorisation, even as they signed to revered prog imprint InsideOut and released their 2018 masterpiece ET EX, their fifth and most high profile album to date. Utterly distinct from every other band on the label, while also showcasing the Swedes’ ever-evolving sound, the album was many prog fans’ first taste of this band’s fearless and ingenious approach. It also gave its creators a clear sense that doing things their own way was the only way to go.

Fast forward to 2020 and Gösta Berlings Saga have evolved once again. Despite the ongoing coronavirus chaos, the band have completed work on their astonishing new album, Konkret Musik. Buoyed by the effusive response to their big label debut, they have marched stoically forward along their own unique path, discovering a brand new way to blow minds in the process.

Newly expanded to a five-piece, with Alexander, Rasmus, bassist Gabriel Tapper and keyboard maestro David Lundberg joined by percussionist Jesper Skarin (Misery Loves Co/Switch Opens), Gösta Berlings Saga are now primed and ready to launch Konkret Musik on a still unsuspecting world.